Sunday, 12 August 2012 22:29

BPPP Aertembaga Implemented The First P2MKP in P2MKP Budi Utama 1


                                                        BPPP AERTEMBAGA IMPLEMENTED THE FIRST P2MKP IN P2MKP BUDI UTAMA 1

Indonesia’s fisheries has a great potential to be processed and developed. The government issued a new program which is an Independent Training Center for Marine Fisheries or abbreviated as P2MKP.

The concept of this program is to empower independent key actors, both individuals and groups to improve the institutional status of the ability and self-reliance key actors in implementing the existing training, to be training institutions to increase the status and role for the community. 

Budi Utama 1 is one of P2MKP in Pangkajene which has selected to implemented the first training by BPPP Aertembaga in 4 (four generation). Each generation was implemented in four days, started on  May 25th until June 1st 2012. 

P2MKP training program was implemented to support the the program of MMAF in deceiving the independent groups in order to achieve the target of Indonesia as the biggest producer of fishery products. The Head of Fisheries Education and Training Aertembaga-Bitung, PolaPanjaitan, A.Pi, MM on P2MKP expects that the fisheries farmers can take advantage of this P2MKP existence as a chance to increase perseption, knowledge as well as a motivator to move forward and grow.


With this P2MKP, the participants really find it helpful because, because it’s not only to gain the knowledge but also as a tool to support their daily work.